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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the undisputed king of smartphones, but it is eye-wateringly expensive

    25 Aug 2016
  2. Why carry a tablet and laptop with you, when a 2-in-1 can do the job of both better?

    25 Aug 2016
  3. Home Affairs Select Committee recommends immediate “Star Wars” taskforce to snuff out terrorist messaging online

    25 Aug 2016
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    Fast and attractive with good battery life and a very tempting price – you won’t find a better phone for the money than the OnePlus 3

    24 Aug 2016


How technology is changing your work

  1. The US treasury has published a report criticising the EU’s investigations into alleged tax avoidance

    25 Aug 2016
  2. Barry Collins goes back to university to see why the world's brightest students are desperate to get onto Harvard's coding course

    22 Aug 2016
  3. From Steve Jobs to Michael Dell, here are five tech leaders that prove higher education isn’t always necessary

    18 Aug 2016
  4. Too many smart city systems ignore residents, but this British startup is changing that

    17 Aug 2016


Developments from the frontiers of science

  1. The STEREO-B has been floating around space for just under two years

    23 Aug 2016
  2. University of Notre Dame breakthrough will make it harder for fake meds to go unnoticed

    22 Aug 2016
  3. NASA is hoping someone wants to buy its slice of low-Earth orbit real estate

    22 Aug 2016


The cutting edge of automotive technology

  1. This is what luxury cars will look like in the future

    19 Aug 2016
  2. Uber has teamed up with Volvo to bring autonomous XC90s to its app

    18 Aug 2016
  3. This is Ford’s vision of a driverless future

    17 Aug 2016
  4. Can Ford, five drivers and Forza 6 break a Guinness World Record?

    17 Aug 2016

Life & Culture

How technology is changing our everyday lives

  1. The first expansion for Dark Souls 3 will launch this October

    24 Aug 2016
  2. Winning a medal in the Olympics is one thing, but how many Twitter followers do you get for bagging gold?

    24 Aug 2016
  3. An upcoming game from the creator of Alone in the Dark deals with a particularly grim subject matter

    23 Aug 2016
  4. Two drones smuggling drugs and mobile phones into Pentonville Prison have been seized by police

    23 Aug 2016

The Future

The world of 20 years from now

  1. If you keep still, this could be one of the most precise tattoos you get. If you don't? Well...

    5 Aug 2016
  2. Amazon is getting closer to making its drone army a reality

    26 Jul 2016
  3. British company Ascenta is responsible for building Facebook's solar-powered drones

    22 Jul 2016
  4. Japanese scientists are making robots more like humans

    12 Jul 2016