Devices, software, wearables and more

  1. Lenovo's premium Android tablet lets you project 70in movies on the ceiling

    4 Sep 2015
  2. Company pledges ten years worth of funding to Dutch research unit QuTech, worth $5 million per year

    4 Sep 2015
  3. iPhone version of Firefox browser makes its debut, but only for iOS users in New Zealand

    4 Sep 2015
  4. Samsung dares to be different with the luxurious Gear S2 – the smartwatch that sees its Tizen OS open up to Android

    3 Sep 2015


How technology is changing your work

  1. The true, fascinating story of laser printers' rise to dominance, and how the amazing tech actually works

    3 Sep 2015
  2. Experts predict Black Friday 2015 will be the UK’s first £1bn online shopping day

    3 Sep 2015
  3. There are hundreds of reasons why spreadsheets are brilliant – but sometimes a database can do the job better

    2 Sep 2015
  4. The failure of the Fire Phone is leading Amazon to cut back on hardware

    28 Aug 2015


Developments from the frontiers of science

  1. Of the countries with declared plans, just two are deemed sufficient to limit global warming to 2˚C, researchers find

    3 Sep 2015
  2. Scientists have found wasp venom may be the effective in destroying cancer cells. How has cancer treatment developed over the years?

    2 Sep 2015
  3. UFO hunters scour footage from the Curiosity Rover, but does any of it have merit?

    1 Sep 2015
  4. Nine of the UK’s most innovative space companies went to the USA. Here’s what happened

    1 Sep 2015

Life & Culture

How technology is changing our everyday lives

  1. All the details on the cast, release date and plot of the Steve Jobs movie

    3 Sep 2015
  2. Developers are at the heart of technology, so who has made our list of the most influential around?

    1 Sep 2015
  3. New ways of speaking, new ways of writing, new ways of emailing. Can our language withstand the OMGs, LOLcats and smiley faces?

    29 Aug 2015
  4. Refusal to remove Wikipedia page on charas cannabis sees Roskomnadzor threatening total block

    25 Aug 2015

The Future

The world of 20 years from now

  1. A new paper from Samsung proposes 4,600 low-orbit satellites to meet our demands for data, which will hit one zettabyte per month by 2028

    19 Aug 2015
  2. In a future not so far away you might possess the strength of Iron Man, the sight of Superman, and the intelligence of Stephen Fry

    18 Aug 2015
  3. New video shows Boston Dynamics’ latest developments in robotics: robots with amazing balance

    18 Aug 2015
  4. The snake-robot could be used in the future for easier charging

    7 Aug 2015