Devices, software, wearables and more

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    Garmin delivers its vision of the ultimate running watch – but, despite its brilliance, it’s beyond the needs of the average runner

    6 Feb 2016
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    Acer spices up the Chromebook formula with a super-flexible hinge and a vibrant touchscreen – and it’s a solid effort

    6 Feb 2016
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    With quad-core Skylake CPUs, gaming-capable graphics and a 4K display, Dell has created a 15.6in laptop to be reckoned with

    6 Feb 2016
  4. Everything we know about the iPhone 7, analysed and in one place

    5 Feb 2016


How technology is changing your work

  1. TechHub and Google for Entrepreneurs to help tech startups around the world with advice and mentoring

    4 Feb 2016
  2. France wants €1bn from Google, and criticises Britain's “behind closed doors” tax deal

    4 Feb 2016
  3. No, it's not the most expensive keyboard ever bought – Microsoft wants SwiftKey's predictive text tech

    3 Feb 2016
  4. Mayor of London announces the International Business Programme, designed to help SMBs expand globally

    3 Feb 2016

Future Working

How Technology is changing business every day

  1. Is it possible to 3D print a house? Facit Homes is already producing personalised abodes across the UK

    23 Dec 2015
  2. The number of new businesses around Shoreditch falls by a third in just 12 months, with rent hikes being blamed

    18 Nov 2015
  3. Data is valuable – and can be legally sensitive too. But what steps should businesses take to keep it safe?

    21 Oct 2015
  4. Long working hours are bad for both businesses and people. Why haven’t our lives changed with the times?

    6 Oct 2015


Developments from the frontiers of science

  1. Forget a regular holiday - how about launching a Raspberry Pi into space, along with some unsuspecting Lego figures?

    6 Feb 2016
  2. We know there are a ridiculous number of planets that could harbour life, which leads to a worrying question: where are all the aliens?

    4 Feb 2016
  3. If you want to learn something fast, you’re doing yourself no favours with ruthless repetition

    4 Feb 2016
  4. Human trials for collar, inspired by woodpeckers, that increases bloodflow to the brain for extra insulation

    4 Feb 2016


The cutting edge of automotive technology

  1. The Espace F1 was one of the craziest engineering projects ever

    4 Feb 2016
  2. The UK-built car will use three engines to produce a combined 135,000hp

    4 Feb 2016
  3. The MOVE_UK project starts in April and will see driverless technology tested in Greenwich

    1 Feb 2016
  4. Musk reveals the price of the Model 3 in the UK, while Tesla denies rumours it's making two versions of the car

    29 Jan 2016

Life & Culture

How technology is changing our everyday lives

  1. Guerrilla Games’ post-apocalyptic RPG is an intriguing future-tribal adventure

    5 Feb 2016
  2. A new breed of book is being made to captivate 21st-century readers

    5 Feb 2016
  3. Sleek trailer sets the stage for a “World of Assassination”

    3 Feb 2016
  4. Here’s what we’d like to see in the Xbox Two

    3 Feb 2016

The Future

The world of 20 years from now

  1. Dutch police want to use highly-trained eagles to take down illegal drones

    2 Feb 2016
  2. Project Skybender is based in New Mexico, and could deliver internet 40 times faster than 4G

    2 Feb 2016
  3. Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, Paul Misener, has shed more light on the company's plan for drone domination.

    19 Jan 2016
  4. With a 4K TV, wireless charging and a raft of comfort improvements, Panasonic’s Waterfront is the airline seat of the future

    7 Jan 2016