Campaign begins for .eng domain

Campaigners .eng domain would allow people to show they're proud to be English

Stuart Turton
22 Apr 2008

An online petition is seeking to establish the ".eng" domain name alongside its more familiar counterparts.

The campaign is being led by Andy Warburton, a web designer, and John Sewell, a father of five, who became interested in the issue after noticing the campaigns being run in Scotland and Wales for .sco and .cym domain names.

"Every other country has specific domains, or at least campaigns but we just have We think this would be a good way for people to show their patriotism online," says Warburton.

"There's nothing whatsoever political about this," adds Sewell. "I'm not a devotee of any political party."

The campaign is looking for around 10,000 signatures before taking it before ICANN, the organisation which oversees domain names, at the beginning of 2009.

"We need to get some weight behind us," continues Warburton. "If we can do that we'll take it before the Government and English Heritage and drum up some support there."

Until then, if you feel like joining the .eng petition, you can find the website here.

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