Brown takes question time online

Gordon Brown aims to connect to the people through YouTube question service

Stuart Turton
19 May 2008

Gordon Brown has taken Prime Minister's Questions online, through the magic of YouTube.

The scheme will see the Prime Minister answering video clip questions sent in to the Downing Street YouTube site by members of the public.

Though the Prime Minister doesn't make any promises on how often he will appear, he does claim it will be "a regular event", with questions for the first event accepted until 21 June.

Introducing the site, the Prime Minister says he is keen to answer questions on: "How globalisation is working, what's happening to climate change, how we can build the houses we need ... how we can do better with the health service and how we can do better with all the other public services the Government provides.

"I'm here to answer your questions. Politicians get a chance in prime ministers question time and other question times - I think it's time the public had a chance."

The video is clearly an attempt to connect with voters, and follows a similar tactic by the Conservatives which launched the Webcameron site to promote leader David Cameron when he first came to power.

Gordon Brown also plans to address a Google conference on the Government's future technology innovations, with a promise to maintain a "light touch" on regulation.

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