Logitech MX 5500 Revolution review

Matthew Sparkes
17 Jun 2008
Price when reviewed 

The keyboard in this set isn't what you would call compact or subtle.

With a built-in wristrest and a glossy bump above the keys housing an LCD screen, it takes up far more room than a traditional 105-key model.

The screen is the interesting part: it displays temperature, the number of accumulated key presses, the arrival of new emails, the time and date and more besides.

The only problem is it relies on proprietary Logitech software on the PC, which won't be to everyone's taste.

Even if you don't want these esoteric extras, though, it still makes a great wireless keyboard with good ergonomics and a feel of real quality.

The mouse, too, is well built and very accurate, and the included dock avoids battery problems even if the keyboard still greedily requires four AA cells.

Price when reviewed 
91(£79 exc VAT)

Basic Specifications

Type Desktop
Wireless? yes
Wireless protocol Bluetooth
Rechargeable? yes


Middle scroll wheel yes


Numeric keypad? yes
Media transport keys? yes

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