Acer to "launch Chrome netbook next month"

PC maker prepares shock launch of Google Chrome OS netbooks, according to reports

Barry Collins
14 May 2010

Acer is preparing to launch devices based on Google's Chrome OS at next month's Computex trade show, according to reports.

The VentureBeat website claims it's been told by "multiple sources" that Acer plans to unveil the Chrome devices at the Taipei show, which runs from 1 to 5 June.

It doesn't specify what the devices are, although given that Chrome OS is primarily designed for low-powered laptops and Acer's status as the world's second biggest PC maker, it seems inconceivable that the devices won't be netbooks.

Google initially stated that it planned to have Chrome OS ready by the end of this year, suggesting that (if the reports are correct) Google is either ahead of schedule or the Acer devices may only be early demonstration models, and not ready for a full commercial launch.

Acer was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

The news breaks on the day that Google has also divulged further details of Chrome OS, including a Coverflow-style interface.

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