Lenovo targets European market with ex-CEO of Acer

Gianfranco Lanco named as president of Lenovo Europe

Nicole Kobie
2 Apr 2012

Lenovo has named Acer's former CEO as head of Europe, as the Chinese PC maker looks to grab market share in the region.

Gianfranco Lanco quit Acer last year, following an acrimonious dispute with the board over the company's strategy.

Last September, rival Lenovo announced it had hired Lanco in a consulting role, which has now been extended to president of Lenovo EMEA.

EMEA is a strategically critical market for us

Lenovo said the appointment is part of its efforts to become a top three PC maker in Europe by next year. It currently holds fifth spot in Europe with 8.7% market share, according to Gartner, and isn't in the top five in the UK.

“EMEA is a strategically critical market for us," Lanco said. "We must maintain our commercial leadership – we are number one in the world in commercial – while dramatically expanding our consumer and SMB presence across the region."

"This will help us achieve 10% share in the top ten countries in EMEA and realise our longer term objective of becoming a top three player in EMEA,” he added.

He said Lenovo has remained "consistent" throughout the "turmoil and uncertainty" in the PC market over the past year, saying the firm would focus on growing its ThinkPad line and extending its IdeaPad consumer products across Europe.

PC-plus era

Lenovo's chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang refuted the idea mooted by Apple's Steve Jobs that the industry was entering the "post PC" era, with sales of tablets and smartphones growing faster than laptops and desktops.

“For Lenovo, we recognise we are entering a new era – the PC-plus age – in which the PC remains central to the digital lives of millions of people and business and at the heart of an ecosystem of tablets, smartphones and smart TVs," he said in a statement.

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