iPhone 7 release date, concepts and rumours: Leaked video compares new phone to iPhone 6s

The iPhone 7 release date has just been leaked

The iPhone 7 is imminent. In the past three weeks alone, we’ve had a spate of leaks about Apple’s next phone. First we had grainy pictures of the casing and internals, but now we’ve seen the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and even the top-end iPhone 7 Pro in hi-res pictures – and in videos, too. And now there’s been another leak, this time about the iPhone 7’s release date.

According to serial leaker @evleaks, the iPhone 7 should be available to buy in shops on Friday 16 September, although he doesn’t say whether this is a UK, US or worldwide release date. The iPhone 6 was launched on 19 September 2014 in the US, ten days after it was first unveiled to the public. That would suggest we’ll get our first glimpse on the iPhone 7 in very early September.  

15 things to NEED to know about the iPhone 7 before its released

1. There WILL be three iPhone 7s – including an iPhone 7 Pro

In addition to an iPhone 7, we should be seeing the launch of a brand-new model, the iPhone 7 Pro. I think Apple will use the iPhone 7 Pro as a more high-end flagship, so the rumoured Smart Connector and headphone jack should appear on the Pro rather than the normal iPhone 7. In fact, a new leak by @evleaks and uSwitch appears to show the iPhone 7 Pro.

Although this is just an educated guess, I’d say the new pictures represent our first glimpse of the iPhone 7 Pro, a more powerful, high-end iPhone that will sit above the iPhone 7 Plus. So how legitimate are these pictures? It’s always difficult to know if pictures from Weibo are real or not, but they do show everything we expect from the iPhone 7. What’s more, they’re also fairly clear, and don’t show anything outrageous – so there’s a good chance they could be real.

2. The iPhone 7 could come in a new Space Black finish

New rumours have suggested we’d be seeing a blue or black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro rather than a Space Grey one. New renders from Martin Hajek show what the iPhone 7 might look like in Space Black, and I think you'll agree, they look pretty special. In the renders, Hajek shows the phone next to a similar coloured Apple Watch, and also adds a few subtle upgrades of his own; check out the flush home button for example.

Although Space Black is available for the Apple Watch, it’s not currently available for the iPhone 6s – and that could be because the iPhone is made of aluminium rather than steel like the non-Sport Apple Watch.

3. The iPhone 7 release date will be in September

Almost every iPhone – apart from the iPhone SE – is released in the last few weeks of September, and we don’t think the iPhone 7 will be any different. New reports are suggesting that companies expected to supply components for the iPhone 7 are already ramping up production, which fits in with a September release date.

4. The iPhone 7 could have a dual camera – or is that the iPhone 7 Pro? 

Reports from pretty much everywhere suggest the iPhone 7 will have a dual-camera array. The multi-camera technology is reportedly from Linx, a company Apple bought just under a year ago. We think the dual cameras won't be used for 3D capability, but will make autofocusing faster and give better low-light performance. Pretty much what the new Huawei's cameras do, then.

However, it looks like not every iPhone 7 will have the new double-camera setup. Several experts have suggested the dual-camera array will be reserved for the high-end iPhone 7 Pro.

5. The iPhone 7’s UK price is likely to stay the same

The cost of Apple's handset has remained fairly consistent over the years, so we expect the iPhone 7 to launch at around the same price as the iPhone 6s. That means the asking price for the next Apple smartphone should start at around £500-550, while the Plus variety should cost between £600 and £650.

6. At least one iPhone 7 model will say goodbye to its headphone jack

This rumour keeps cropping up, so it’s really starting to look like the headphone jack’s days are numbered. First, code in the iOS 9.3 beta suggested the headphone jack was about to go, and then a research memo acquired by AppleInsider stated that the iPhone 7 will lose its headphone jack – but gain an extra speaker like the iPad Pro. Most of the leaked pictures we’ve seen of the iPhone 7 don’t feature a headphone jack – so it really might be going.

7. The iPhone 7 should give you slightly better battery life (again)

The Chinese site Digi.tech.qq.com leaked images of what could be the iPhone 7’s battery – and it suggests Apple’s next phone could have better battery life.

The image shows a battery with a capacity of 7.04 watt-hours (Wh), which is slightly larger than the iPhone 6s’ 6.61Wh. Interestingly, this is almost the same as the iPhone 6’s 7.01Wh. Another report suggests that the iPhone 7 smartphone will include a huge 3,100mAh battery – making it 12.7% larger than that in the iPhone 6s Plus. While that’s already a big increase, improvements in processor efficiency and iOS tweaks mean that figure will probably grow.

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8. The iPhone 7 to feature a Smart Connector port

A leaked picture of the iPhone 7 appears to show a dual camera – but also shows a Smart Connector, which looks similar to the one featured on the iPad Pro. If true, that strengthens rumours of two iPhone 7 models being released this September: a standard iPhone 7 and a more powerful, feature-laden iPhone 7 Pro. When you consider its increased processing power, it makes sense for the iPhone 7 Pro to have an optional keyboard.

9. The iPhone 7’s leaked specs look pretty good

Reports suggest the iPhone 7 could come with 3GB of RAM – the largest amount ever shipped in an iPhone. In comparison, the iPhone 6s had 2GB of Samsung LPDDR4 RAM, while the iPhone 6 used 1GB of slower, DDR3 RAM. As for the processor? We expect the iPhone 7 to use an A10 chip, and it's probably going to be made by either TSMC, Samsung or a combination of the two.

10. The iPhone 7 will finally get proper waterproof casing

The iPhone 6s is more water-resistant than we thought, but the iPhone 7 should be totally waterproof. After filing a patent for ports that eject water several months ago, Apple filed another for connections that self-heal – solving one of the main challenges of making a phone waterproof. Besides, it's about time Apple made a waterproof handset; rivals such as the Samsung S7 and Sony smartphones have been waterproof for ages.

11. The iPhone 7 probably won’t have an OLED screen

Several rumours have pointed to the Apple using an OLED screen, but it probably won’t happen. Most suggestions have said that Apple will use OLED screens in the future, but we’re expecting them to appear in 2017 or 2018, and that means they’ll probably appear on the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S, instead.

12. The iPhone 7 will look VERY familiar

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s are the most refined phones Apple has ever made, and a new leak suggests the iPhone 7 will keep to the same formulaNew leaked pictures from Weibo apparently show the back of an Phone 7, and the only difference appears to be the removal of antenna lines. It looks like Apple is concentrating on making the inside of the iPhone 7 a match for its new Android competitors, and we don’t blame it.

13. The iPhone 7 won’t have a 16GB storage option

In 2016 – or 2015 and 2014 for that matter – 16GB isn’t really enough space for a smartphone. When you think of all the apps we use, along with all the content we create, it’s surprising that Apple still offers a 16GB version of the current iPhone 6s. It looks like that might change with the introduction of the iPhone 7. Analyst Kevin Wang claims that Apple will produce the iPhone 7 with a minimum 32GB of memory, which makes sense to us. When you consider just how much high-res content the iPhone 7 will generate, and how many apps you’ll install, now might be the perfect time to ditch the 16GB option.

And no, that doesn’t mean the iPhone 7 will now start at a more expensive price. It’s possible Apple has secured a cheaper supplier – so the entry-level iPhone 7 could include twice the memory for the same price.

14. The iPhone 7 could come in blue

Until now, we’ve expected the iPhone 7 to come in the same shades as the iPhone 6s – but a new rumour suggests Apple is ditching Space Grey and replacing it with a Deep Blue colour. While the reason for the change is still unclear, it probably won’t be as dramatic as you think. For the last few years, the Space Grey colour has changed depending on the device you buy, so perhaps this is more of a tweak on the current Space Grey. 

15. The iPhone 7 should have a bigger, beefier camera

We know the larger iPhone 7 Plus is expected to get an enhanced dual-camera array, but a new leak suggests the original iPhone will also be in for a new image sensor. A new picture on the Chinese social-media site Weibo appears to show the rear case of a non-Plus Phone, and it shows a much larger space for the camera than the current model. The new leak comes from the repair company Rock Fix, and the company claims the extra space is for a larger CMOS sensor. Significantly, the picture could be legitimate, as it also matches up very with a similar image posted by none other than @OnLeaks.

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