​iPhone 7 UK release date: The 10 most feasible features and rumours

Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 this September. Here's what we're expecting

The iPhone 6s has been out for around a year now, and that means we’re just a few weeks away from the iPhone 7. If rumours are correct, Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 on September 7th, and were expecting it to be very different to the iPhone 6s before it. Although it could look pretty similar on the outside, the iPhone 7 will need to pack in some serious changes to keep up with its Android counterparts. So what will the iPhone 7 actually be like? There are currently loads of rumours and concepts floating around about the iPhone 7, from the fairly legitimate, to the outlandish ones we won’t bother to get into. So, to separate the nonsense from the useful clues and leaks, we’ve put together the most 10 likely outcomes from what we currently know about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro.

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1. Apple will release THREE versions of the iPhone 7

This September, we're expecting Apple to release an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – but we should be seeing the launch of a brand-new model called the iPhone 7 Pro. Using the recently released iPad Pro as a guide, it's sensible to think Apple will use the iPhone 7 Pro as a high-end flagship. That means the rumoured Smart Connector and the lack of headphone jack should be standout features of the iPhone 7 Pro rather than the normal iPhone 7. In fact, a recent leak by @evleaks and uSwitch appears to show the iPhone 7 Pro, and it looks like you'd expect.

2. The iPhone 7’s UK release date is just WEEKS away

The iPhone 7 really isn’t too far away, so if you want to upgrade your phone soon it’s worth waiting for. Almost every iPhone – apart from the iPhone SE – is released in the last few weeks of September, and current rumours don't suggest iPhone 7 will be any different. Several reports suggest that companies expected to supply components for the iPhone 7 ramped up production back in May, which fits in with a September release date. Bloomberg has  reported that the iPhone 7 will be released on 7th September, while a Telegraph source points to a 7th September unveil and a 23rd September release date, off the back of a leaked AT&T schedule. Either way, it's going to be here very soon indeed. 

3. The iPhone 7 will look like the old iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s are the most refined phones Apple has ever made, and all the leaks we’ve seen suggest that the iPhone 7 looks pretty much the same. All the leaked pictures show an iPhone 7 that looks a lot like an iPhone 7; the only difference appears to be the removal of antenna lines. This time around it looks like Apple is concentrating on making the specs of the iPhone 7 match its new Android competitor.

4. The iPhone 7 probably won't have a normal home button

Sources close to the iPhone 7 have told Bloomberg that Apple will ditch the physical home button in its next handset, and replace it with a pad that just responds to pressure. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what Apple has already done with its laptop range.

Rather than use a movable, mechanical trackpad, Apple’s current generation of laptops use a fixed trackpad that relies purely on haptic feedback. Although that might sound slightly tacky or unintuitive at first, you really shouldn’t be worried. The technology in Apple’s new MacBooks offers a seamless experience when compared to the old trackpads, and it’s likely Apple will repeat the feat with the iPhone 7.

5. The iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-lens camera

Reports from pretty much everywhere suggest the iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-camera array. The multi-camera technology is reportedly from Linx, a company Apple bought just under a year ago. We think the dual cameras won’t be used for 3D capability, but should make autofocusing faster and give better low-light performance. Pretty much what the new Huawei's cameras do, then.

6. The normal iPhone 7 camera will be better too

The iPhone 7 Pro might be getting a dual-lens camera, but the standard iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should be getting a new image sensor, too. Leaked pictures again tell the story, with most pictures of the standard iPhone 7 showing a much larger space for the camera than the current model. One of the leaked images comes from the repair company Rock Fix, and the company claims the extra space is for a larger CMOS sensor. Significantly, the picture could be legitimate, as it matches up with a similar image posted by none other than @OnLeaks.

7. The iPhone 7 will probably have NO headphone jack

This rumour keeps cropping up, so it’s really starting to look as though the headphone jack’s days are numbered. First, code in the iOS 9.3 beta suggested the headphone jack was about to go, and then a research memo acquired by AppleInsider stated that the iPhone 7 will lose its headphone jack – but gain an extra speaker like the iPad Pro. Most of the leaked pictures we’ve seen of the iPhone 7 Pro at least don’t feature a headphone jack – so it really might be going.

8. The iPhone 7 should have MUCH better battery life than the 6s

The Chinese site Digi.tech.qq.com leaked images of what could be the iPhone 7’s battery – and it suggests Apple’s next phone could have better battery life.

The image shows a battery with a capacity of 7.04 watt hours (Wh), which is slightly larger than the iPhone 6s’ 6.61Wh. Interestingly, this is almost the same as the iPhone 6’s 7.01Wh. Another report suggests that the iPhone 7 smartphone will include a huge 3,100mAh battery – making it 12.7% larger than that in the iPhone 6s Plus. While that’s already a big increase, improvements in processor efficiency and iOS tweaks mean that figure will probably grow.

9. The iPhone 7 Pro will have a Smart Connector like the iPad Pro

A leaked picture of the iPhone 7 appears to show a dual camera – but also shows a Smart Connector, which looks similar to the one featured on the iPad Pro. If true, that strengthens rumours of two iPhone 7 models being released this September: a standard iPhone 7 and a more powerful, feature-laden iPhone 7 Pro. When you consider its increased processing power, it makes sense for the iPhone 7 Pro to have an optional keyboard.

10. The iPhone 7’s leaked specs look pretty good

Reports suggest the iPhone 7 could come with 3GB of RAM – the largest amount ever shipped in an iPhone. In comparison, the iPhone 6s had 2GB of Samsung LPDDR4 RAM, while the iPhone 6 used 1GB of slower, DDR3 RAM. As for the processor? We expect the iPhone 7 to use an A10 chip, and it will probably be made by either TSMC, Samsung, or a combination of the two.

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