The 52 best iPhone and iPad apps of 2015

Here's our pick of the greatest free and paid-for apps from the App Store

Here’s an understatement for you: there are a lot of apps in the App Store. There is, in fact, such a dizzying variety of apps in Apple’s digital hub that it can often feel overwhelming deciding what deserves a place on your iPhone or iPad. To help you out, we’ve searched through the good and the bad to bring you the very best iOS apps of 2015.

 This article will be updated over the coming weeks and months. If you have any apps that you think deserve a place in our chart, get in touch using the comments section below or via twitter @alphronline.  

Best iPhone and iPad apps 2015: Essentials

Facebook (free)


The number-one social network is also one of the most polished apps on iOS. Facebook is an essential download for connecting to family, friends (and frenemies).

Get this on your phone and expect to habitually crawl through posts, photos and events. Also worth checking out is Facebook Messenger, a streamlined, WhatsApp-like messaging app.  

WhatsApp Messenger (free for first year, 75p/yr after)


If you don’t already have this ubiquitous messenger app installed on your device, it’s time to get it. The flexibility WhatsApp offers between devices has made it the smartphone instant messenger of choice.

With the app you can send voice calls, video clips, images, audio messages and text. WhatsApp also lets you check when people have received your messages, automatically downloads pictures, and performs an umpteenth number of other useful tasks.

Twitter (free) 


Another must-have in the lineup of social-networking apps, Twitter is sleekly designed and a fantastic time sink.

Twitter regularly adds new features that continue to refine this already-brilliant app. The ease of scrolling up and down notifications, as well as an intuitively structured layout between timelines and trending posts, helps makes Twitter an essential download.  

BBC News (free)

45 best iPhone and iPad apps 2015 - BBC iOS app

The BBC News app landing page lists the top stories of the moment, with a "Most Popular" tab, so you can find out which stories are trending right now, as well as a "My Topics" tab, where you can create a list of all the topics you want to follow. The topics will also appear in individual tabs along the top, if you want to catch up on the latest from one particular section. There's also a "Live" tab, where you can watch the BBC News channel live (kind of in the name, we know).

BBC iPlayer (free)


BBC iPlayer is packed full of entertainment, and is a must-have on your Apple device. You can stream BBC shows live, download programmes to watch on the go, or catch up with TV on demand from the past 30 days.

Also worth getting is iPlayer Radio. Not only can you listen to all the stations owned by the BBC, you can also browse on-demand programmes and download podcasts.

Spotify (free; Premium membership, £9.99/mth)


With Spotify you can either pay a monthly subscription or, if you’re happy to listen to adverts, stick to the free mode. Either way, this music-streaming app is an essential download.

There are seemingly countless artists on Spotify, as well as ways to set up playlists, mark favourite songs and shuffle tracks. If you decide to pay for the subscription, you can also listen to music offline and with higher sound quality.

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