Apple iPad moves up to 128GB of storage

Apple quietly extends its iPad line to include 128GB version

29 Jan 2013

Apple has a new version of its iPad, expanding the line-up to include a 128GB version of its Retina display tablet.

The 128GB editon of the iPad 4 will be released 5 February in the US and UK, where it will cost £639 inc VAT for the Wi-Fi only model, or £739 to add mobile broadband - a premium of £80 over the 64GB edition.

In the US, the Wi-Fi only version will be $799 and the Wi-Fi plus 3G/4G will be $929 - a premium of $100 over the 64GB edition.

The increase in iPad storage capacity has been long overdue. When Apple released its third-gen iPad with a Retina display, our review pointed out that meant bigger file sizes - and suggested larger storage options would have been a good idea.

"We’ve already seen the rising download footprint of some Retina-optimised apps, with Pages up from 95MB to 269MB and iMovie rocketing from 70MB to a huge 404MB," we said last year. "Some of that is admittedly down to additional features, but higher resolutions mean bigger apps, not to mention bigger downloaded newspaper and magazine issues in Newsstand."

Apple suggested the larger storage was also a key feature for businesses, saying it was useful for 3D CAD files, X-rays or project blueprints, for example.

Apple added that it had sold 120m iPads to date. The company also issued iOS 6.1 today.

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