Apple Mac Pro too dangerous for Europe?

Apple reveals 1 March deadline for sales of Mac Pro workstations

Stewart Mitchell
1 Feb 2013

Apple has been forced to stop sales of its Mac Pro workstation in Europe because it fails to comply with safety regulations.

The company has told resellers across the continent that anyone wanting the machines must place orders before 18 February, with shipments to stop on 1 March.

The company told MacWorld UK that the decision was a response to European safety regulation changes, which the current generation of Mac Pros failed to meet.

An amendment to the IEC 60950-1 regulation puts more emphasis on electrical port protection and fan guards within devices, pushing the Mac Pro machines outside the requirements.

"At issue are the large fans within the Mac Pro. Since they are unprotected, it would be possible to touch the fan blades," MacWorld reports Apple as saying.

"According to Apple, the new requirements necessitate fan guards and some increased protection on the ports on the electrical system."

Apple believes the machines are safe and reliable, and will continue to sell the machines outside of EU countries, although some other European territories are also affected.

The company is working on an updated machine that complies with the regulation, but that won't be available until later this year.

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