The mini Flash marvel

David Bayon
30 May 2008

When a Corsair rep turned up at Dennis Towers yesterday he told us he'd brought something pretty special to show off. We were therefore distinctly underwhelmed when he said it was...a flash drive.

But this flash drive needs seeing to be believed. It's been passed all round the office, where it's invariably been greeted with ooohs and aaaahs of grinning appreciation, and it's already been suggested that we buy up a job lot of them to use in the Labs.

The reason for all the fuss?

Well, the Corsair Flash Voyager Mini is barely bigger then a 10p piece; it weighs so little we hardly even noticed it in our hand, let alone a pocket; it's rubberised for durability, and holds a perfectly reasonable 4GB of data via its retractable USB connector.

Oh, and did we mention it's going on sale for less than £16 inc VAT?

Considering our components editor paid £50 for a single gigabyte of bulky storage just a couple of years ago, the inexorable march and miniaturisation of USB storage is plain to see. And if this is how things are going it won't be long before we're carrying our entire hard drives in a pocket with our front door keys - for better or worse.

The ludicrously tempting 4GB Corsair Flash Voyager Mini is available here.

UPDATE: The Corsair is almost exactly the same thickness as a standard USB connector. And for those who reckon it blocks adjacent USB ports...

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