Big Ideas (Don't get any)

Matthew Sparkes
6 Jun 2008

This fantastic video from James Houston was made in response to an online remix contest from Radiohead which invited musicians to reinterpret tracks from their recent album, In Rainbows.

Some of the results were fantastic, most were not. Houston took things a step further than most, hacking vintage hardware to recreate the different instruments in the song.

It impressed me because not only did it take one of my favourite tracks, Nude, and put an interesting spin on it (although it admittedly barely changes the arrangement), but also because it was full of vintage gadgetry and included an excellent video captured in a lovely 70’s school-science-film effect.

It takes a minute or two to get started, so be patient – the guitar section needs to load up on the ZX Spectrum. Here’s the full list of instruments from the track;

Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Guitar
Epson LX-86 Dot Matrix Printer - Drums
HP Scanjet 4c - Bass Guitar
Hard Drive array – Vocals

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