Microsoft Outlook 2010 screenshots: Backstage view

Tim Danton
18 Nov 2009

We’ve already given a more general introduction to Microsoft Office 2010’s Backstage view, but Outlook 2010 deserves a special mention.


Above is the first screen to meet you when you click File, the Info screen. This makes it much, much easier to change settings than the horrible meandering mess that was Outlook 2007 and predecessors.


The Print view is welcome too. This lets you quickly see if a print-out is going to run over two pages when you only need one, for instance.


Just for completeness, here’s the vision that greets you if you press on Help down the left-hand side. Exciting, I’m sure you’ll agree.


And finally, this is the Options screen. To access it, you click on the Options entry just below Help.

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