Samsung TX100 review: first look

Tim Danton
7 Jan 2011

I can count the products that have truly impressed me at this year’s CES on one hand, and the TX100 is comfortably in that top five. And arguably this is the best of them all: it's the only new product that’s made me say “wow”. Silently, of course.

My video shooting skills aren’t quite up to the standard where I can show you why I’m so impressed, but hopefully the brief clip below will provide some sort of idea.

It’s that sliding mechanism that truly impresses. With a weight of 1kg, it should be comfortable to carry from room to room and to be thrown into a rucksack. Yet, when you do want to get some serious work done, you can start tapping away at the keyboard.

I also like the fact that Samsung has worked with Microsoft to provide an attractive interface. There are 31 apps currently available, including a book and magazine reader, which bodes well for a touch-based future where you can actually use the TX100 in tablet form without being dumped into a typical Windows application.

It appears quite responsive as well, which is good to see with only an Intel Atom processor inside. Having 2GB of RAM certainly helps. The fact the screen is capacitive and multitouch helps too, while its 1,366 x 768 resolution and high brightness add yet more to like.

It’s set to arrive on UK shores in March for £599 including VAT. So, anyone want to buy one?


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