The 8-bit computer that's been built by hand

Mike Jennings
17 Jun 2011

Us tech folk take pride in building our own computers, but these days it's easy, isn't it? As long as you've got a motherboard with the right socket and the right type of memory, you're good to go: lock down the processor, snap in the RAM, pop in the graphics card and plug in the hard disk. Voila, a computer.

Not everyone follows this traditional route, though. Programming enthusiast Jack Eisenmann has constructed his own PC from scratch using TTL chips and, presumably, plenty of patience.

He's dubbed it the DUO Adept, and it comes with a specification that won't exactly trouble our fastest machines: 64KB of main memory, 256 bytes of RAM and, in total, 263 lines of code.

It's remarkable what can be done with such a relatively simple machine. His demonstration video, which we've included below, shows off Eisenmann's homemade OS - programmed using a binary interface - and a simple game that he's written himself.

He's even managed to put it into a see-through chassis although, when compared with most of the cases we're used to seeing, it's a little simple. Still, there's one question that needs to be answered about the DUO Adept - can it run Crysis?

Pictures and video courtesy of Jack Eisenmann.

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