Intel's NUC arrives in box that plays Intel Inside jingle

A couple of intriguing boxes turned up this morning which, when unwrapped revealed a couple of very nice surprises. Intel had, after months of nagging, finally sent us review samples of its tiny barebones PC – the NUC - which Darien first caught sight of at IDF last year.

Unwrapping these little bundles of joy was like Christmas all over again, although I have to admit nothing can quite beat the excitement of receiving a box of Technic Lego – my favourite present this year by far.

After tearing the shrinkwrap from the box in a state of fevered anticipation, we were astonished to hear, as we slid the two parts of the box apart, the familiar Intel Inside jingle ring out: "bing-bong-bing-bong". It’s marketing gone completely mad, but still – it gave us a bit of a laugh.

We’ve recorded it below to show you what we mean:

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