Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 not-review: hands off

Tim Danton
10 Jan 2013

Lenovo was showing off six new Android phones at CES 2013, but the most enticing of them all is the IdeaPhone K900. So enticing that it was protected from prying fingers by a screwed-down glass cabinet.


But even from a distance it looks as fantastic as the specs suggest. 6.9mm thick, 5.5in Full HD screen, and a new piece of silicon inside – Intel’s “new-generation” Clover Trail Atom processor.

Mix in a 13-megapixel camera with a F1.8 lens (a wider aperture than normal, so more light gets in) and a Sony Exmor BSI sensor and you’ve got a phone that should double as an excellent day-to-day camera.

As the Lenovo spokesperson sold it to me, it’s like a Samsung Galaxy S3 but for half the price.

So when can you buy it? Unless you’re willing to head over to the likes of China, India and Vietnam, never. Lenovo has zero ambition to launch in mature markets such as the UK and US right now, and that’s a huge shame.

Especially when you can buy this Android phone for the equivalent of $50 if you head to China. Time for a trip abroad, I think.


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