Your package is in the bin: worst courier ever?

Barry Collins
28 Feb 2013
Royal Mail delivery card

I arrived home last night to find this card on my doormat. For those of you unable to read the handwriting, it says "PTK in blue bin". What PTK stands for, I have no idea, but it was the three words that followed that caused me to utter naughty words. "In blue bin" refers to the recycling wheelie bin that sits on my front drive.

Yes, that's right. The Royal Mail decided the safest place to leave my expensive box of electronics was in the recycling bin.

Every single courier firm I've ever had the displeasure to deal with is chuffing useless

Even if we make the ridiculously generous assumption that the Royal Mail courier knew the binmen didn't come until Tuesday -  giving me a whole six days to fish my router out of the Coke cans and discarded newspapers - our man in the van had absolutely no idea if I was away on holiday. Not only is there every chance my spanking new router would end up crushed into silicon sawdust, but I'd probably be fined by the council for placing inappropriate items in the recycling bin!

It is, of course, wrong to make sweeping generalisations, so I'll say only this: every single courier firm I've ever had the displeasure to deal with is chuffing useless.

I'm sure you have equally galling stories of courier incompetence, so stick them on the comments below, and we'll use this as a group therapy session. We might even curate the best stories and turn them into a book - I'll pop a copy in each of the courier companies' bins for safe-keeping.

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