Windows 9: what changes would you make to Windows 8?

29 Jan 2014

Windows 8 has been much criticised -- with a lot of the complaining coming from our podcast. While some of the grievances levelled at the OS, such as the focus on Metro at the expense of desktop users, are fair, suggestions that Windows 8 is the new Vista may be taking it a bit too far.

Microsoft has made a few improvements in Windows 8.1, with more planned for its next update, and Windows 9 is widely expected to be discussed at Build in April -- and to arrive as early as next year, as Microsoft hopes to ditch the 8 brand and get a fresh start. (So maybe it is the new Vista, then?)

That means there's still time to make Windows 9 the OS we all truly wanted.

Here's where you come in: what changes would you include in Windows 9 to make it the perfect OS?

Does it need small tweaks here and there, a major overhaul on the desktop, or a complete re-think from the ground up? Let us know your thoughts for fixing Windows 8 in the comments below, and we'll include the best ideas in an upcoming feature in the magazine... which hopefully Microsoft will read.

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