not as daft as it sounds

Barry Collins
14 Mar 2014

A cap doffed in the direction of The Register for spotting this website:

The reporter used a WHOIS lookup to discover that the website was actually registered by Kristina Libby, a member of Microsoft's PR team.

Although The Reg concludes that the website is "a little tongue-in-cheek humour", I wouldn't be so sure.

I've had numerous requests for informal technical support from readers, friends and family over the years, many of whom didn't have the first clue what operating system their computer was running. Some of the more memorable responses have included "Word 2003", "Windows 99" and merely "Microsoft". (I bet you've heard some corkers over the years, too. Let me know in the comments.)

Just recently, I spent ten minutes on the telephone trying to remotely diagnose a broadband problem for an acquaintance who swore blind he was running Windows 7. I couldn't understand why he couldn't see the same networking wizard options I could until I used TeamViewer to remote desktop into his PC and discovered that he was still on XP.

So, well done Kristina Libby, I shall be redirecting my clueless correspondents to your website in the future. But do me a favour, will you? Add a string to the site that actually tells them what OS they have got, not just what they haven't. Otherwise I'll be desperately trying to help my friends find the Control Panel in Excel 2008 for years to come.

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