Zalman FPSGUN FG1000 review

David Fearon
11 Feb 2008
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Zalman's first foray into peripherals is a gaming mouse with a difference. Gripping the rear pillar like a joystick, your index finger rests on what would be the left button in a conventional mouse. Plug it in and, in achingly teenage fashion, the thumb-operated scroll wheel lights up in blue. That changes to purple or red, depending on which of three sensitivity settings you've selected, up to a maximum of 2,000 DPI. The position sensor is in the end of the body and the mouse pointer consequently moves in a slight arc, which takes some getting used to. But firing is literally a case of pulling the trigger, which is satisfying in its way. For those keen enough to spend £37 on a mouse, the FG1000 makes shooters that bit more visceral.

Price when reviewed 
31(£37 inc VAT)

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