Windows 7: The complete guide

Find out how Windows 7 will change your work, home and leisure life with our in-depth guide to the new operating system

PC Pro
15 Jul 2009

With millions of beta downloads, an avalanche of positive feedback and a launch schedule that appears to be miraculously on time, Windows 7 has so far surpassed all expectations. But is Microsoft's next-gen operating system flattering to deceive?

In this feature, we've blown apart Windows 7. We've examined how the new OS will affect our lives in a number of key scenarios: home, work, mobile, and for PC enthusiasts and gamers.

Will HomeGroup mean you'll never have to remember which disk you saved that photo on?

We've critically examined how the new features available in Windows 7 will make a difference to our everyday lives. Will HomeGroup mean you'll never have to try to remember which disk you saved that photo on again? Will BitLocker To Go prevent your business data from falling into the wrong hands? Is Windows 7 really fit to replace XP or Linux on your netbook? We have the answer to all these questions and dozens more.

Windows 7 also sees a significant overhaul of the user interface, with a completely revamped taskbar and a variety of new tricks and shortcuts to learn. We'll guide you through all the major changes, to help you find your way around the revamped UI.

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