Ubuntu: a complete guide

We reveal everything you need to know - including the questions you were afraid to ask - about installing and running Ubuntu

17 Mar 2011

Ubuntu is now head and shoulders above any other Linux distribution in terms of features and ease of use, but it can still appear intimidating to those who’ve been cocooned in the Windows world.

What’s the best way to install Ubuntu? How do you get your graphics card drivers working? What are the software repositories all about? And how do you cope without your regular Windows software? (Don’t worry, you don’t have to.)

Ubuntu has become the alternative OS of choice

This feature will answer all those questions and many more as we provide the ultimate guide to Ubuntu.

The reasons to try out Ubuntu are manifold. From breathing new life into ageing PC hardware to running a safer alternative to Windows for the kids’ computer, or simply stretching yourself with something other than the Microsoft homogeny, Ubuntu has become the alternative OS of choice.

You don’t even have to wipe away Windows: Ubuntu can be easily installed on a separate partition or as an application within Windows itself.

As well as all the advice you’ll need to install and become proficient in the Linux OS, we have a copy of the Ubuntu 10.10 ISO on this month’s DVD, so you can follow our installation walkthrough without having to spend any time waiting for the OS to download.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it.

Complete guide to Ubuntu:

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