HTC Desire brings Flash to Android

Nexus One hardware to get Sense UI and Flash facelift, becoming HTC Desire

Stuart Turton
16 Feb 2010

HTC's first Android smartphone supporting Flash will makes its European debut in the second quarter.

The Desire is essentially Google's Nexus One with a few tweaks, most notably Flash support courtesy of Flash Player 10.1 and the introduction of HTC's Sense UI.

Sense will be a welcome addition for those who haven't warmed to Android's functional interface, and brings a number of interesting features to the phone.

Probably the most striking is Friend Stream, which collates messages from various social-networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, making it easier to keep tracks of your friends' online ramblings.

HTC's also touting better email management, and a raft of new widgets for the interface.

Alongside Sense, HTC's also stripped out the Nexus One's trackball and replaced it with an optical trackpad. Otherwise, the specification remains the same as its Google-branded cousin, meaning a 3.7in AMOLED multitouch screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1.

The performance of Flash will be watched keenly by Adobe, which is still trying to convince Apple to support the technology.

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