HTC One lands in UK next week

HTC One is set to arrive after being delayed by component shortages

Nicole Kobie
22 Mar 2013

The HTC One will arrive for sale in the UK next week after a minor delay, the company has confirmed.

HTC is attempting to keep pace with Samsung, with the two Android smartphone makers going head to head with their new flagship handsets, the HTC One and the newly-announced Galaxy S4.

While the Galaxy S4 won't arrive until the end of next month, the HTC One was supposed to hit shops in mid-March, giving the smartphone - which has earned a spot on our A-List - a head start on sales.

While it hasn't arrived on time, British shoppers won't have to wait long. "The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April," the company said, according to TechCrunch. "We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait."

It's unclear if the HTC One will be widely available, or only arrive to those who have pre-ordered the smartphone. HTC's chief marketing office Benjamin Ho told the Wall Street Journal earlier this week that the firm was hoping to start fulfilling pre-orders by the end of the month in "certain markets", with the remaining deliveries arriving "as we approach April". The handset had previously been expected earlier this month across 80 markets.

In the UK, Carphone Warehouse is advertising pre-orders of the HTC One with delivery "expected" by 28 March. Three had been advertising delivery by 30 April, but has now updated that to 28 March as well. However, EE's website still says delivery could take up to 28 days.

Component delays

The delayed arrival of key components, including the metal case and camera parts, are due to HTC losing its "tier one" status, an unnamed executive with the firm told The Wall Street Journal.

The executive said HTC had problems with its supply chain after it changed its order forecasts "drastically and frequently" when its sales nosedived last year.

According to the Journal, the executive said "HTC has had difficulty in securing adequate camera components as it is no longer a tier-one customer".

The handset maker has lost ground to Samsung in Android smartphones, with HTC's market share falling by a quarter to 4.6%, compared to Samsung's 129% climb to almost a third of the market in 2012, according to IDC.

HTC revealed last month that its sales were half of what they were this time last year, admitting its phones weren't good enough.

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