Iiyama ProLite E2607WS review

A fine monitor with impressive image quality, but just a touch too pricey for a 26in TN display

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Iiyama's ProLite E2607WS is no spring chicken. We first clapped eyes on its 26in TN panel back in August 2008, and since then it hasn’t changed a jot.

Plonk the Iiyama on a desk and it looks every bit the monitor of yesteryear. The black plastic casing is far chunkier than its slinky, modern sibling, the Iiyama ProLite E2710HDSD. In many ways, though, the E2607WS shows that newer isn’t always better.

For starters, that hefty casing conceals a pair of impressive integrated speakers. They’re nowhere near audiophile quality, but they have enough volume and body to make a movie or game soundtrack rather palatable. It also shows its cheaper stablemate the door when it comes to ease of use. The OSD is easy to navigate and the buttons far less fiddly.

An even bigger benefit over its modern rivals is its 16:10 ratio panel and matching 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. The extra vertical height compared to Full HD panels makes a palpable difference to how spacious the Windows desktop feels. In an age where 16:10 panels are rapidly disappearing, monitors like the Iiyama are an increasing rarity.

Iiyama ProLite E2607WS

Image quality is good too: an average uncalibrated Delta E of 2.2 with absolutely no fiddling reveals that the Iiyama's colour reproduction is pretty accurate right out of the box. It isn’t as bright as some, though, and at a measured 261cd/m2 it comes up just short of its claimed 300cd/m2. It also fails to deliver the claimed 1,000:1 contrast ratio; our measurements saw it manage a mere 669:1.

Despite technical shortcomings, it more than makes amends with sterling performance elsewhere. Tricky skintones are handled with surprising aplomb, and colours look tint-free and neutral. It does struggle to differentiate between blacks and the darkest greys, however, a trait that crushes shadow detail in dark scenes.

The real difficulty comes when trying to choose between this and its sibling, the 27in ProLite E2710HDSD. Pay the £31 premium and the E2607WS’ higher resolution, great image quality and decent speakers are unlikely to disappoint, but the lower price and larger size means the 27in E2710HDSD just edges it overall.

Price when reviewed 
243(£244 inc VAT)


Image quality 4

Main specifications

Screen size 26.0in
Aspect ratio 16:10
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Screen brightness 300cd/m2
Pixel response time 5ms
Contrast ratio 1,000:1
Dynamic contrast ratio 4,000:1
Pixel pitch 0.287mm
Horizontal viewing angle 170 degrees
Vertical viewing angle 150 degrees
Speaker type 2
Speaker power ouput 5W
TV tuner type N/A


DVI inputs 1
VGA inputs 1
HDMI inputs 1
DisplayPort inputs 0
Scart inputs 0
HDCP support yes
Upstream USB ports 0
USB ports (downstream) 0
3.5mm audio input jacks 1
Headphone output no
Other audio connectors N/A

Accessories supplied

Other cables supplied VGA, 3.5mm audio
Internal power supply yes

Power consumption

Peak power consumption 46W
Idle power consumption 32W

Image adjustments

Brightness control? yes
Contrast control? yes
Colour temperature settings Cool, Normal, Warm, User, sRGB
Extra adjustments Pciture modes (Text, Standard, Game, Sports), Eco mode, dynamic contrast, overdrive, OSD position, OSD time-out, manual image adjust, reset, signal select (auto/off),


Forward tilt angle 0 degrees
Backward tilt angle 20 degrees
Swivel angle 0 degrees
Height adjustment 0mm
Pivot (portrait) mode? no
Bezel width 25mm


Dimensions 598 x 238 x 461mm (WDH)
Weight 8.300kg

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