Iomega Prestige review

Avoid the 3TB model, but otherwise this drive offers an awful lot for the money

Darien Graham-Smith
6 Oct 2011
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The name may sound a little overblown, but with its black brushed-metal exterior the Prestige looks and feels like a premium piece of kit. The power switch at the back is a nice touch, too – it’s a small thing, but with other manufacturers offering fiddly push-buttons or no power control at all, it contributes to the sense that this is high-quality hardware.

And the Prestige walks the walk when it comes to performance. In our large-file copy tests it was the fastest 1TB drive we tested by a head. Although it couldn’t quite keep up with the best in our small-file tests, it came a strong second for write speed, and didn’t disgrace itself when reading back the files, coming fourth in the field.

At 7.8p per gigabyte, the 1TB Prestige isn’t the cheapest option. But Iomega’s backup suite and a year’s subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security extras sweeten the deal a little. The 2TB model is better value at £96; however, we doubt the £173 3TB drive will find many takers until the price falls.

Overall, we feel the Prestige justifies its price with bags of class, a few nice extras and excellent performance, making it an appealing general-purpose drive.


Cost per gigabyte7.8p
Hard disk usable capacity931GB
Hard disk typeMechanical

Performance tests

Write speed small files42.0MB/sec
Write speed large files118.0MB/sec

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