Kobo mini review

The screen can't match the Kindle's, and the price isn't that

7 Dec 2012
Price when reviewed 

Kobo’s diddy ebook reader makes a brave break from the norm. Instead of the usual 6in display, the Mini has a more compact 4.9in E Ink panel, which makes it possible to slide into a jeans pocket, as well as a bag or briefcase.

It measures a svelte 102 x 10 x 133mm (WDH), is lighter than an iPhone 4S, and yet retains a similar feature set to its big brother, the Kobo Glo.

Kobo mini from front

There’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to buy books on the device from the Kobo store. Support for Adobe Digital Editions means you can load EPUB files purchased from other ebook stores.

It has infrared touch sensors embedded in the bezel, allowing pages to be turned with a swipe or tap. Even the onscreen touch keyboard isn’t too fiddly.

Alas, it doesn’t have an integrated front light, and when it comes to display quality its Vizplex V110 panel can’t hold a candle to its main rival - the standard Amazon Kindle.

Kobo mini from side

The resolution is fine at 600 x 800 and text is crisp, but the “page” looks considerably greyer, and is a much less convincing simulation of real printed text.

Page turns aren't as quick as the Kindle's either, although 0.9 seconds isn't what you'd call sluggish.

We like the small size of this ebook reader, and the low price is enticing. It's up against stiff competition, though, Now that the standard Kindle costs only £59

Price when reviewed 
60(£50 exc VAT)


Screen size 5.0in
Resolution 600 x 800
Colour screen no
Touchscreen yes
eBook screen-refresh time 0.9 seconds


Battery Life 1 month (Wi-Fi off)
Integrated memory 2.0GB


Dimensions 102 x 10 x 133mm (WDH)
Weight 134g

File format support

Plain text yes
HTML yes
RTF yes
PDF yes
EPUB yes
BBeB no
AZW no
Microsoft Word no

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