The best laptops of 2016: The Macbook Pro is still on top in 2016

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Best laptops of 2016

1. Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Retina Display (2015)

13.3in 2,560 x 1,600Intel Core i5/i7 128-512GB SSD8–16GB1.58kg

Price when reviewed: from £999

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It's telling that, even in 2016, the MacBook Pro still sits pretty at the top of the pile. It may not be the lightest 13in laptop around (in fact, that's probably understating it slightly; 1.58kg is pretty porky by some people's standards), but it's concoction of power, quality and all-round capability are tough to beat at the price.

The last-generation Intel Broadwell processor technology is due an update, but the MacBook Pro still shows most of the Skylake generation a clean pair of heels when it comes to performance. While the likes of Dell's XPS 13 are a tempting alternative, the MacBook's larger chassis and 28W CPU combine to deliver an impressive amount of raw power for a relatively compact laptop. Factor in the blazingly quick flash storage and the MacBook Pro is still at the top of its game. 

"The high-DPI display provides pixel-perfect, colour-accurate images from the get-go."

The high-DPI display is also fantastic, providing pixel-perfect, colour-accurate images from the get-go, and the array of connectivity hits the mark. With twin Thunderbolt 2 ports, two USB 3 ports and an HDMI output for hassle-free multi-monitor shenanigans, the MacBook Pro has enough flexibility to please even the most demanding professional.  

Other features of note include the innovative Force Touch trackpad – not only is it the best touchpad on any laptop, but OS X's baked-in gesture support means you'll rarely find yourself reaching for a mouse. It makes bouncing between multiple apps and desktops an absolute breeze.

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