Intel reveals world’s first four-screen laptop

We’ve seen dual-screen systems before, but we weren't expecting IDF to bring a notebook with four screens.

PC Pro
24 Sep 2009

We’ve seen dual-screen systems before, but a notebook with four displays is something new.

David “Dadi” Perlmutter surprised visitors to IDF today by revealing a concept notebook, the oddly-named “Tangent Bay”, that had three small OLED touchscreens set horizontally into the case below the main, full-sized 15in panel.

It was the quirkiest demonstration of IDF so far, and Perlmutter didn’t suggest that quad-screen notebooks were ever likely to become commonplace. The device was intended merely as an example of the experiments Intel carries out in researching interfaces and features.

Tangent Bay

It was, however, a fully functional prototype and in the demonstration the OLED screens were displaying a music playlist, photo slideshow and calculator, all of which could be interacted with simple touch controls: scrolling photos with a swipe of a finger, for example.

Intel claims the screens can be set to display whatever the user wishes, and it was suggested that Tangent Bay could lead to a new way to interact with OS widgets and simple applications such as calendars.

For some of us, though, the idea smacked a little too much of the ill-fated Vista SideShow...

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