MagixMusic MakerMX review

Perfect for classroom use: simple enough to allow instant results, but powerful enough to make great-sounding tracks

Jay Stansfield
18 Feb 2012
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Magix made its name with simplified, fun-focused DJ software, but that doesn't mean that its music-making package is at all basic. Music Maker MX provides an easy way to mix pre-recorded loops and effects to produce tunes quickly in a number of different genres, with an extensive sound pool that separates them into various styles. Thanks to the streamlined interface, creating a tune is as simple as dragging and dropping the different loops and samples. Even primary school students can make something decent in the space of a lesson.

On first impressions, Music Maker's simplicity might also seem its weakness: it's easy to make something quickly, but soon it all starts to sound the same. However, switching the colourful interface from the default Simple to Advanced mode exposes more powerful features, including effects plugins, virtual foot pedals, analogue synthesizers and a sophisticated drum machine. Even if students find these intimidating at first- the menus can seem unnecessarily complicated - with a little exploration they're simple to use.

MagixMusic MakerMX

In terms of advanced features, Magix has everything from video integration, allowing custom videos to be imported or even created, to exporting the finished song to a variety of formats or uploading it directly to SoundCloud and Facebook. This kind of social integration is great in the classroom, and makes it easier to share classroom efforts with the wider world.

Despite the loop-based approach and onscreen keyboard, we'd recommend having a MIDI keyboard to get

the most out of Music Maker MX. lt's an affordable package, but Magix also offers a network licence and installation options for multiple machines in the classroom or ICT suite.

Overall, the strength of Music Maker is that you can just load it up and make a song quickly- then you can share it without the need for pro-level software.


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