Google Chromebook and Office 2010? Thanks a bundle, Currys

Barry Collins
25 Jul 2011

Have you seen those new Google Chromebooks? You know, the ones with the cloud-based Chrome OS operating system, where all your apps are run over the internet? It seems some people just can't get their head around the concept. Including high-street retailer and Chromebook seller, Currys.

Visit the Currys website and attempt to order your Chromebook, and you'll also be offered a selection of "things you may also need", including an "upgrade" from Windows 7 Home Starter to Home Premium, and Office Home and Student 2010. Both of which would be absolutely useless on a Chromebook, which doesn't run Windows and doesn't even have an optical drive.

Scan further down the page and you'll also find bundles including Norton 360 security software -- which must come as news to Google, which claims you don't need security software on the malware-proof Chromebooks. Not that you could install Norton 360, anyway.

This is, at best, rank incompetence on behalf of Currys. At worst, a shameful attempt to lull customers into buying extras that they couldn't possibly use.

(Thanks to PC Pro follower @ct1003 for the tip-off)

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