Windows RT won't get full Office 2013

Microsoft reportedly backtracks on plans to include "full" version of Office 2013 on RT devices

Stewart Mitchell
8 Aug 2012

Microsoft's Windows RT's tablet centric operating system will ship with a stripped down version of Office.

According to sources cited in a report on The Verge, the productivity suite for ARM-based version of Windows 8 will ship without macros and other functionality.

The software maker will include Office 2013 RT as part of the October launch of its Surface tablets, but the release version will only be a preview version, with the final product now not expected until early next year.

Citing company sources, The Verge said “macros, third-party add-ins, and VBA support will all be dropped from the Office 2013 RT edition”, with other features also likely to be removed.

The sources justified the decision by saying the move would ensure battery life and stability were not affected in Windows RT devices.


The decision to cut down functions within Office for the RT devices' launch represents a sharp U-turn from the company after CEO Steve Ballmer had claimed the OS would be packaged with a full version.

“You'll see… Surface devices with ARM chips in them, with full Word, full PowerPoint, full Excel,” he said at a press conference last month.

“You give up nothing of the rich capabilities of Microsoft Office when you embrace the Windows 8 ARM device. That wasn't the junior version. That was full Office available to you with full capabilities on this next generation of device.”

Microsoft has yet to reveal exactly what will be packaged in the launch version and we are waiting for confirmation of the cut-down preview.

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