Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery review

It fits well with the Windows 7 design, and it's free - but so is Google Picasa, and we know which we'd choose

PC Pro
22 Oct 2009

Windows Vista’s Mail, Calendar, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are missing from Windows 7, but there’s no need to panic. They’re all available – new and improved – as a separate download.

Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft Windows Live Mail

Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker

Microsoft Windows Live Writer

Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery

The one application in Windows Live Essentials collection we’re not completely convinced by is Photo Gallery. The reason? Google’s free Picasa application is better – better at searching, browsing, organising quick edits and sharing.

The one major advantage of the Photo Gallery is that it makes simple photo-editing and tagging facilities available in a view that fits far more naturally into the Windows 7 way of doing things.

There’s also that tight integration with other Windows applications and services, allowing you to add photographs from published albums to Writer blog posts, for instance. Like Picasa, it also offers face recognition.

But with Google Picasa offering advanced features such as geotagging, a more streamlined interface and far more mature options for editing, printing and sharing photos, we won’t be moving away to Photo Gallery just yet.


Software subcategory Photo editing software


Processor requirement 1GHz or higher

Operating system support

Operating system Windows Vista supported? yes
Operating system Windows XP supported? yes
Operating system Linux supported? no
Operating system Mac OS X supported? no
Other operating system support None

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