Mozy review

The most powerful backup service, and its new interface is also one of the easiest to use

Stuart Andrews
14 Mar 2012

Along with Carbonite, Mozy was one of the early online backup services. We used to say Carbonite was easier to use, but Mozy offered stronger features for power users. Mozy now offers a much more friendly and intuitive interface, without losing any of that power. It also offers good value for those with multiple PCs in need of backup, as extra space or the ability to back up additional computers can be bought at relatively little cost.

Mozy doesn’t claim to offer rich file- and folder-sharing or media-streaming features. If you want to stream music or look at a photo gallery in a browser, Mozy can’t oblige. However, backup features are excellent. During setup, it asks which file types you want backed up, then seeks them out in the most common places in your User folder and on your desktop. It’s simple to add or exclude folders with a right-click. Mozy can also copy your backup to an external hard disk as it uploads it, saving you from two backup procedures.


Restoring files is easy. You can restore a whole backup at once, select individual folders or files for restoration, and restore a previous version from the past 30 days by right-clicking on the file. Files can be restored, though not uploaded, using the website, while music, photos and video (depending on format) can be streamed to iPhone and Android apps.

During backup, Mozy was very fast, and restore speeds were equally impressive. However, Mozy doesn’t provide the same level of continuous backup as Carbonite; instead, it flags changes and then waits until the next scheduled backup, or until your system has been idle for a given period. It’s worth checking the settings, since by default Mozy is set to back up only once per day.

In all, Mozy is a well thought out and robust online backup service. It offers more features and flexibility than Carbonite, equalling it for ease of use. Also, as we were going to press, it announced the addition of new, free synchronisation services (which we haven’t tested), which add to its appeal. Unless you need minute-by-minute continuous backup, then, it’s our cloud-based backup service of choice.


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Operating system Windows XP supported? yes
Operating system Linux supported? no
Operating system Mac OS X supported? yes
Other operating system support Windows XP

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