Adobe hikes UK prices by 10%

Creative Suite 4 prices hiked by 10% as Adobe blames exchange rates

Barry Collins
1 Jun 2009

Adobe is increasing the price of its Creative Suite 4 products by 10% in the UK.

The company is blaming the price increases on "sharp fluctuations" in exchange rates between the pound and the euro.

"Adobe seeks to price consistently across Europe to the extent that circumstances and market conditions make this possible," the company claims in a statement.

"The current economic environment and currency fluctuations have made this challenging. This change to the CS4 pricing is intended to realign the UK with other European countries."

The price hikes, which take effect from 1 July, will see Design Premium CS4 increase from £1,249 to £1,372 (ex VAT), for example. Euro prices of the software will actually be knocked down by 13% to bring the two prices roughly into line.

Yet, while Adobe's prices may well be "harmonised" across Europe, they once again leave British buyers considerably worse off than their US counterparts.

Adobe's US store sells Design Premium CS4 for $1,799 - £1,098 at today's exchange rate. The new UK prices means the same software will cost £1,578 (inc VAT) over here, a difference of £480.

The price rise is even more galling considering that the pound has grown increasingly weaker against the dollar over the past year.

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