Microsoft confirms £150 Windows 7 Family Pack

Microsoft decides it can provide Windows 7 Family Packs in the UK after all

Barry Collins
24 Aug 2009

Microsoft has decided to bring its Windows 7 Family Pack to the UK after all.

The company will offer buyers the chance to upgrade up to three PCs to Windows 7 for £150. Users can upgrade from either Windows XP or Vista, although only Vista users will be able to perform an in-place upgrade where programs, settings and data are kept intact.

Microsoft says the Family Pack will only be available in "limited quantities" when it goes on sale on 22 October, the Windows 7 launch date.

The move represents a complete about face for Microsoft, which originally stated it wouldn't offer a Family Pack in the UK until 2010. This was because the company initially planned to offer only full versions of the OS in Europe, following its battle with EU competition authorities.

However, it hastily dropped plans for the E editions, deciding instead to offer rival browsers during the installation process to appease the EU's concerns over the bundling of Internet Explorer.

New prices

Microsoft has also announced new prices for Windows 7. The upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium will now cost £80 until the end of the year, when the price will be increased to £100. Windows 7 Professional upgrade will cost £190, while Ultimate weighs in at £200.

The full version of Home Premium will cost £150, with Professional priced at £220 and Ultimate topping the price list at £230.

Those prices are merely Microsoft's "estimates" - retailers will likely apply further discounts to the software.

Snow Leopard

Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed that the next version of Mac OSX, Snow Leopard, will be released on Friday. A five-licence Family Pack costs as little as £39, although Snow Leopard is a much smaller upgrade than Windows 7.

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