Sony to ship Google Chrome with new PCs

Google strikes first browser bundling deal, with Chrome appearing on new Sony VAIOs

1 Sep 2009

Google is shipping its Chrome browser with Sony PCs, sealing the internet company's first such deal since it introduced the web browser last year.

The deal could expand the reach of Google's fledgling product which lags behind Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google spokesperson Eitan Bencuya said the deal with Sony went into effect this summer, but declined to discuss terms of the deal, such as which Sony PC models come pre-installed with the Chrome browser or any financial terms.

Google is looking at striking similar deals with other PC makers

Google said the company was now exploring ways to make Chrome available to more people. "We are in the process of testing one such channel with Sony," according to a statement.

Sony trails PC giants such as HP and Dell, and is currently outside the top five PC vendors, according to IDC. But Bencuya said Google was looking at striking similar deals with other PC makers.

Google introduced the Chrome browser in September 2008 and remains a distant number four player in the browser market, with a 2.59% worldwide share in July according to market research firm Net Applications.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominates the browser market with 67.7% market share, followed by the Mozilla's Firefox with 22.5%, and Apple's Safari on 4%.

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