Ballmer blasts Windows Mobile

Microsoft's chief executive claims Windows Mobile team has been revamped after Windows Mobile 7 delays

Stuart Turton
25 Sep 2009

Steve Ballmer has admitted that Microsoft made mistakes during the development of Windows Mobile 7, but has promised the company won't do so again.

The Microsoft chief executive was speaking at the company's Venture Capital Summit attended by around 200 analysts and investors. Despite the lack of journalists at the event, his comments were Tweeted by delegates.

"Ballmer says they screwed up with Windows Mobile. Wishes they had already lauched WM7. They completely revamped the team," reported venture capitalist Paul Jozefak.

Though Ballmer did not provide further details on just who was to blame for the delays to Windows Mobile 7, he did announce that "we've pumped in some new talent. This will not happen again," according to fellow attendee beninato.

We've pumped in some new talent. This will not happen again

Another interesting nugget involved the direction of Microsoft's Bing search engine. Ballmer claimed the company was developing "visualisation and natural language" interfaces, though no timeframe was given.

This isn't the first time Ballmer's been critical over the development of Windows Mobile 7. He previously admitted that Windows Mobile 6.5 - due for release in early October - was "not the full release we wanted".

Windows Mobile 7 is not expected until late 2010.

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