Plastic Logic denies colour eBook reader reports

There'll be no colour eBook reader in Spring, according to Plastic Logic

Stuart Turton
13 Oct 2009

Plastic Logic has dashed hopes that it will be delivering a colour eBook reader by next Spring.

The reports surfaced when a Barnes & Noble employee was videoed announcing that "next Spring there's going to be an eBook reader running the Barnes & Noble eBook reader application. It's going to have a colour screen, and the size of the screen is going to be approximately the size of a paperback."

A colour screen would open up the eBook reader to a much wider range of applications, especially as manufacturers are increasingly looking to do deals with newspapers and magazines.

The video report is inaccurate and the individual was misinformed

However, Plastic Logic has denied the reports. "The video report is inaccurate and the individual (who was apparently filmed while attending a trade show was not an authorized Barnes & Noble spokesperson) was misinformed," the company says.

"We are excited to have Barnes & Noble powering the Plastic Logic e-commerce store. While colour is on Plastic Logic's roadmap, it is not on the map for the Spring of 2010. Plastic Logic has said for quite some time it is working on colour, but not for a product in the coming year," it concludes.

Plastic Logic's own product page still claims that its colour eBook reader is "around the corner" and that it expects to be "first to market with a large, flexible colour display".

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