Seagate hard disks suffer from "click of death"

Customers complain that Seagate Expansions hard disks are failing after making a loud clicking noise

Barry Collins
27 Oct 2009

Selected models of Seagate’s Expansion external hard disks are suffering from the dreaded “click of death”, according to disgruntled customers on the company's forums.

The issue appears to be affecting the 1TB and 1.5TB models of the Seagate Expansion External Desktop USB 2.0 Hard Drive. Numerous customers are reporting the drives make a loud clicking noise before failing.

"I put some films on it to watch via the USB [port] on my TV and after 1hr 20mins it started to make a loud clicking sound and the film would freeze," reports one customer on the Seagate forums.

The clicking is so loud, it can even rouse the sleeping. "It's 2.33AM and I just woke up due to this clicking sound," reports another. "I bought the drive yesterday, and figured I would transfer my data before I go to bed. Well the clicking was bad enough that it woke me up."

Amazon’s customer reviews also contain several instances of people complaining about loud clicking noises on their Expansion drives.

Seagate declined to comment on the cause or scale of the problem at the time of publication, but reports on the forums suggest the company is replacing customers’ faulty drives.

The so-called “click of death” became synonymous with the Iomega Zip drive in the late 1990s, which famously made a distinct clicking noise before failing catastrophically.

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