iPhone 4 "found in bar"

A new version of the iPhone has apparently been found in a bar near the Apple HQ

Hani Megerisi
19 Apr 2010

A fourth generation Apple iPhone has apparently been found in a bar in California.

It was left in Redwood City, only a few miles from Apple’s Palo Alto HQ, according to a report by Gizmodo. Several differences in features and design were noticed when comparing the device to an older model.

The camera has been given a flash and a “noticeably larger” lens, while a new front-facing camera has been added. A secondary mic port was also found, most likely for noise cancellation.

The alleged new iPhone uses the micro-SIM technology used in the Apple iPad and is said to have a 16% larger battery.

If the changes are real, then Apple has delivered many of the features most sought after by iPhone users

The cosmetic differences include a completely flat back panel made of plastic and an aluminium lining, rather than the completely metal casing of the iPad. This could be because of the slate’s reported Wi-Fi problems, as signals can travel more easily through plastic than metal.

Is it real?

When connected to a computer, the device was apparently identified as an iPhone, and both devices reacted in the same way as a regular iPhone connected to a PC.

The insides of the device were all Apple-labelled components, and Gizmodo speculated that, with the thinner casing and new larger battery, the components from a 3G or 3GS would not have fitted inside. The person who found the device also claimed he could access the interface and use it as a regular iPhone before it was remotely disabled by Apple.

Sources close to the company claim that a prototype device has gone missing, according to Gizmodo.

If the device is genuine, then Apple looks set to deliver many of the features most sought after by iPhone users – including an improved camera and battery life, as well as better voice clarity. Apple is widely expected to launch a new iPhone this summer.

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