O2 announces iPhone 4 upgrade offer

Network promises to free customers from contract for £20 per month - and offers £250 for old iPhones

Barry Collins
10 Jun 2010

O2 has announced details of its early upgrade offer for the iPhone 4.

The network will let customers leave their existing mobile contract and upgrade to the iPhone 4 for a one-off charge of £20 for each month left on their current deal.

Customers will have to sign a new 18- or 24-month contract when they purchase the iPhone 4, and of course pay for the new handset. O2 has yet to announce prices and tariffs for the iPhone 4, as the British phone networks wait for one another to blink first.

Current iPhone owners could mitigate much of that upgrade fee - or even turn a profit - by trading in their current handset with O2. The network is offering £240 to customers recycling a 16GB iPhone 3GS, and £253 for the 32GB model. For customers with a year or less to run on their contract, that could eliminate the cost of buying out their contract.

It's likely those recycling prices will fall as the iPhone 4 goes on sale and more people begin trading in their old iPhones.

O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile have all announced that they plan to sell the iPhone 4 from 24 June.

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