Sony drops eBook reader prices - but UK still sky high

The eBook reader price war continues, but doesn't spread to the UK

Nicole Kobie
6 Jul 2010

Sony has dropped prices of its eBook readers, as the price war rumbles on.

Last month, Amazon dropped the price of its Kindle to $189, while US rival Barnes & Noble cut its Nook to $199, as Apple threatened to take a slice out of the market with its iPad tablet and iBooks store.

Sony has now followed suit, dropping its Pocket Edition from $169 to $149 and its Touch Edition from $199 to $169. The price of the Daily Edition, which uses 3G to download newspapers and magazines, has fallen from $349 to $299.

While the Amazon Kindle is available in the UK at the American price, UK fans of the Sony eReaders are stuck with regional prices. On the UK Sony site, the Pocket Edition has fallen from £199 to £159 ($240) including VAT, which is still well above the US cost. The Touch Edition remains unchanged at £229 inc VAT ($349).

A Sony spokeswoman said the company had no comment on whether UK prices were set to be reduced to US levels.

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