Wikileaks denies site is closing

Whistleblower site will not be abandoned, warns "don't feed the trolls"

Nicole Kobie
13 Jul 2010

Wikileaks is not being closed down, the site claims, despite suggestions the end of the whistleblowing site was looming.

Wikileaks has been the subject of controversy, with enigmatic spokesman Julian Assange touring the world answering Wikipedia's critics after posting a video of a deadly shootout in Iraq that killed a Reuters photographer.

WikiLeaks will not be abandoned, don't listen to disinfo being spread

The latest rumour to hit the site is that it's set to close down. While the site was up and running this morning, its submission form isn't currently working.

A post on the Cryptome site claims Assange will commit "no more time and effort into restoring our website".

"The website has been effectively down in terms of document submissions for many weeks, and as we speak there is no way for the general public or potential whistleblowers to upload documents to the site," Cyptome said, adding that Assange was expected to relaunch a new leak site hosted in Iceland soon.

However, Wikileaks denied the claim via its Twitter account: "WikiLeaks will NOT be abandoned. Don't listen to disinfo being spread! We'll issue clarifications soon. Should've done earlier."

The site also issued a statement to TheNextWeb: "We just read your story and can basically only make one comment: Do not feed the troll. There is no substance to this posting at all. We will be issuing a press release soon I think in order to address this bull**** campaign once and for all."

Earlier this year, Wikileaks was suspended after it ran low on funds, but quickly gained enough donations.

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