iPhone alarm bug leads to UK lie-in

Apple fails to fix daylight savings time flaw, despite weeks of warning

Nicole Kobie
1 Nov 2010

It must be the most welcome flaw to hit an Apple product, as a bug in iPhone alarm settings gave many across Europe an extra hour's sleep this morning.

When Britain flipped out of summer time and back to GMT over the weekend, the iPhone's clock automatically made the change - but didn't update alarm settings, leaving some users asleep for an extra hour.

This morning, Twitter was awash with complaints. "Anyone else's iPhone alarm delayed by an hour? Great start to a Monday, cheers Jobs," said one.

"Don't trust your iPhone alarms folks. They're going off one hour late since clocks changed," noted another user.

As Engadget has noted, the bug was first noticed in New Zealand and then a week later in Australia, with users woken up an hour early for the area's hour jump forward last month.

A month ago, a New Zealand user on the Apple forum noted: "I guess we're just lucky this didn't occur when the clock went the other way."

The iOS4 bug can apparently be avoided by using one-off alarms, rather than pre-set regular wake-up calls.

Since then, Apple clearly hasn't fixed the bug or chosen to alert European customers. The company wasn't available for comment at the time of publishing.

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