Android handsets a poor man's iPhone, research claims

Android handsets struggling with image crisis, according to survey

Stewart Mitchell
9 Nov 2010

Android phones are really just a poor man's iPhone, according to research from mobile comparison site

Although sales of handsets using Google's Android operating system have soared over the past year, almost a third of Android owners still lust after Apple's iconic handset, with the main barrier to purchase likely to be price, the company said.

I think it’s telling that so many Android owners desire, yet don’t own an iPhone

“I think it’s telling that so many Android owners desire, yet don’t own an iPhone, which I believe points to price being the prohibitive factor,” said a spokesperson for MyPhoneDeals.

Only 7% of iPhone owners would consider switching to an Android handset, the research found.

Android lacked the desirability of its Apple rival, the research found, because the general public didn't understand Android as a brand and perceived that rival smartphone manufacturers were constantly playing catch-up with Apple.

A mere 16% of respondents said they'd like to own an Android phone, which is in sharp contrast to figures that suggest 40% of smartphones sold this quarter run the open operating system.

"Android still faces a lack of recognition among consumers, especially women," the spokesperson said. "For example, many consumers may want a HTC Desire HD, yet are unaware that it’s running Android software.

“I think the biggest problem Android-based smartphones face is that they’re constantly playing catch-up to the iPhone. Every time Apple does something new the competition follows which makes the iPhone always seem the most innovative product.”

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